Upcoming Events

Fall MTA Social Gathering

Sunday, September 19, 6-9pm at Midwood Park

located at 2100 Wilhelmina Avenue in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

Hey Metrolina Theater Community – We miss you! Let’s get together outside in a safe and socially distanced way to hang out and swap quarantine stories!

The gathering starts around 6 pm; we’ll pack up around 9 pm. Feel free to drop by anytime in between.

We’ll have some water and sodas and snacks to munch on, but it’s not dinner.

Parking is limited, so please consider carpooling or taking your favorite ride sharing service.

We’re trying to borrow a karaoke machine, so people can sing their favorite show tunes. Got a karaoke machine we can borrow? Call Anne at 704-589-9146.