Drama and theatre often mean the same thing, sometimes mean similar things, and other times are so separate in their definitions that to mix the two would be absurd. Let’s break it down to the most basic of building blocks:

Drama: events unfolding or emotions unfurling that insist upon your immediate attention. Whether real life or staged doesn’t matter to the meaning of the word.

Theatre: the art form that happens from doing (staged) drama in person in front of an audience. Usually includes getting some money in exchange, but is sometimes given away for free. Also used to describe the building where the art occurs.

Either way, we think  Theatre‘s good for ya!”  Join the Metrolina Theatre Association as we highlight theatre in the Metrolina area by using the hashtag ‪#‎theatresgoodforya‬. Everytime you attend a production in the region, take a picture of the program along with the name of the theatre company and post it to Facebook with the hashtag: #‎theatresgoodforya‬. We will select one person each month and they will win a ticket to a locally produced show in the Metrolina area the following month! Be sure and follow us on Facebook ( to stay updated on the latest shows and winners!