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The 13th Annual MTA Awards Gala

Metrolina's premier theatrical celebration returned on Sunday October 15, at La Meridian in uptown Charlotte.

What a wonderful MTA gala we had!! We cannot tell you how much our hearts were full with seeing our theater family together! Lifting each other up and celebrating an incredible season of theater magic, it was quite memorable on so many levels.

Congrats to all who create theater magic throughout the season and love to you all!! And all of the volunteers: ROCK STARS!! Thank you.

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We think "Theatre's good for ya!" Join the Metrolina Theatre Association as we highlight theatre in the Metrolina area by using the hashtag #theatresgoodforya.

Everytime you attend a production in the region, take a picture of the program along with the name of the theatre company and post it to Facebook with the hashtag: #theatresgoodforya. We will select one person each month and they will win a ticket to a locally produced show in the Metrolina area the following month!

The MTA Technical Talent Database

If you are producing theatre in Charlotte or the surrounding region, check this list for a directory of the talented individuals who can help make your show a success!

If you have technical expertise in producing theatre, be sure to add your name to the list and let Charlotte theatre producers know about you. The list is free and is not limited to MTA members. (But if you aren't a member, you should be!)

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